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North American Mental Health Services, Monterey

NAMHS strives to be the mental health center that serves the people with the most need.

North American Mental Health Services has been partnering with mental health agencies, Native American communities, public sector Medi-Cal services, and private agencies since 2012.

Mental Health Care Services Director In Monterey
Lauren Wagner, Clinic Director-Monterey

Bringing Accessible Mental Health Care to Monterey

NAMHS in Monterey opened in 2023. The new clinic boasts a large 5,300 sq ft office space equipped to handle a growing patient base’s therapy and psychiatry needs.

In addition to therapists and psychiatrists, the NAMHS team is supported by psych-certified nurse practitioners, associate and licensed marriage and family therapists, certified physician assistants, and other support professionals.

“Our number one priority is to help serve and make this community a healthier place in mind, body, and spirit. We are excited to bring our expertise in medication management and psychotherapy to the County of Monterey.” —Lauren Wagner, Clinic Director-Monterey

Therapy and Psychiatry in One Location!

NAMHS has a team of therapists in Monterey as well as other medical providers like psychiatrists and mental health support staff dedicated to patient wellness. We believe that feeling better starts with finding the right person to listen.

North American Mental Health Services has additional in-office locations in Redding, Woodland, Fairfield, and Eureka. NAMHS also provides online therapy and psychiatric services.

Details about our Monterey Location

Address: 1035 Cass St
Monterey, CA 93940

Phone: (831) 886-0002

Specialties of Monterey clinic:

  • Psychiatry
  • Medication management
  • Psychotherapy

Payment Advantages:

  • Beacon/CCAH/Cash Pay
Mental Health Therapy In Monterey

Local Therapists and Psychiatrists!

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Therapy Services in Monterey

About Monterey

Monterey Bay is located on California’s central coast. A tourist destination known for expansive shorelines, marine life, shopping, and dining, visitors and locals alike appreciate the culture and natural beauty of Monterey.

Therapy Services in Monterey

NAMHS Monterey

Our Monterey therapists and Monterey psychiatrists work with patients in person at 1035 Cass St.