Behavior Addiction

Behavior Addiction Treatment In Redding

Some people experience a cycle of addiction with activities that, for most, are mundane. A person with a behavior addiction may get caught up in chasing a “high,” and that consumption has negative consequences.

Behavior Addiction Treatment In Redding
Behavior addictions have negative consequences on people’s lives.

Examples of behavior addictions can include gambling, shopping, sex, exercise and the Internet.

Behavior addictions can have similar negative effects on a person’s life as substance abuse. Their behaviors put pressures on one’s interpersonal relationships, and loved ones may enable behaviors or cover up for them.

Signs of a behavior addiction include:

  • Spending a significant amount of time engaging in the activity, thinking about it, or recovering from its affects
  • Continuing despite harmful consequences
  • Neglecting life responsibilities
  • Having trouble stopping, even if you want to

There are multiple effective therapy treatments for behavior addictions, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Work with a therapist at NAHMS behavioral addiction treatment or other mental health concerns.

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