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Benefits Of Teletherapy: What To Expect from Online Therapy

3 Benefits Of Teletherapy: What To Expect from Online Therapy

Teletherapy and online therapy are an alternative to in-person therapy and offer the same potential results. Teletherapy refers to mental health treatment, such as therapy or counseling, that happens via phone and video calls. You may also receive occasional communication via texts, mobile device apps, and email.

With teletherapy, people can receive the support they need from their home, their workplace, or whichever environment they prefer. Here are three benefits of teletherapy. We’ve also added details about what to expect from online sessions.

1. Teletherapy Saves You Time By Eliminating Commutes

Before Covid-19 and the lockdown, online therapy did exist; the pandemic simply increased the necessity and availability of remote therapy options. Research confirms that teletherapy is an effective option for receiving mental health support. It also reduces the physical barrier of getting to and from therapy, making this option more accessible for people with disabilities.

With teletherapy, you can plan to have your appointments anywhere you have cellular data or wifi, depending on if you prefer video or phone appointments. Some people enjoy walking while they are on the phone with their healthcare professional. Other people prefer talking in their parked car or a private room with headphones on, to maximize privacy. Online therapy makes that possible.

Either way, with in-person therapy and online therapy, it may take a few sessions to get to know your teletherapist provider and feel comfortable. The first session, for example, is often an introductory call to get to know what’s on your mind and what is bringing you stress, joy, confusion, etc., in your life.

You Can Still Receive Psychiatric Support Via Teletherapy

Online therapy means less time spent commuting and more flexible scheduling–all while receiving the same, effective treatment as in-person psychiatry. Teletherapy can include psychiatric care, such as prescriptions and medication management. Make sure your support team consists of licensed professionals who are qualified to help.

For online psychiatry appointments, you can expect the same level of care that you would have with an in-person appointment. This means that your healthcare providers are there to listen to you and provide expert advice that centers on your needs. At HomePsych, we can connect you with licensed psychiatrists who can diagnose conditions, prescribe medications, and adjust medications depending on their efficacy.

Depending on your situation, you may prefer in-person appointments, which can be more effective for people navigating substance use disorders, severe depression, and schizophrenia. You can always be transparent and ask your support team if they think online therapy or in-person therapy is best for you; during that conversation, you can also express your needs, concerns, and questions about online versus in-person therapy, so you can make an informed decision.

Teletherapy Can Reduce The Delay In Getting Care

Another benefit of online therapy is that it can reduce the time it takes to match people with the licensed team of professionals they need. At HomePsych, we can get you an appointment within 7–10 days. You can get started by contacting us.

Many healthcare providers are leveraging the tools available with virtual care and increasing the number of people they can support. This is important since during the pandemic, and to this day, people need mental health support. Before solidifying your teletherapy appointment, make sure you understand what your insurance plan does and does not cover.

In general, teletherapy has reduced the average wait time, especially as more and more healthcare providers increase their online availability and train their staff with the logistics of communication and online portals.

Get Professional Support With Talk Or Online Therapy

Teletherapy helps people understand what they need and make the lifestyle changes they want. At HomePsych, we make it easy to find compassionate, licensed therapists who accept online appointments.

Start feeling better today and discuss your mental health situation with someone who can help you plan the next steps.