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Progressive Mental Health In Redding

Dual Diagnosis Program In Redding

Dual Diagnosis Program at NAMHS: Progressive Mental Health Services in Redding

Millions of people need mental health support, but some populations have been overlooked, which is why dual diagnosis programs are vital. People with co-occurring mental illness and Intellectual and/or Developmental Disabilities (IDD) may need specialized care and understanding.

At NAMHS, we offer a Dual Diagnosis program that supports over 300 clients with IDD. We like to think that we are raising the bar for what comprehensive mental health care looks like in Redding.

What Services Does a Dual Diagnosis Program Offer?

North American Mental Health Services Dual Diagnosis program provides services for people navigating the complexities of both mental illness and IDD. We know that therapy changes people’s lives and that each person may need something different.

Having a dual diagnosis program requires additional training for staff to be able to provide specialized care. Our team receives monthly training on intellectual and developmental disabilities. We also inform staff of further resources available in the Shasta community. Face-to-face training at our Regional Center services often explores the five categories that qualify individuals for Dual Diagnosis services.

Within medical and educational fields, there is sometimes a lack of formal IDD training. Professionals such as Registered Nurses and Psychiatrists may not have received specific IDD training during their education. NAMHS recognizes this gap and actively works to fill it, making them progressive in their offers.

Redding Clinic Leads the Way with Dual Diagnosis Support

Combinations of mental illness and IDD can present unique challenges when they co-occur. Our mental health clinic and Dual Diagnosis program and NAMHS in Redding provides tailored services and invests in staff training. Offering specialized care addresses the gap and more effectively meets the diverse needs of affected individuals.

If you think you or someone you love may benefit from therapy and mental health support, contact NAMHS for more information.

Find Personalized Mental Health Care with Dual Diagnosis Services in Redding

People who want to feel better often benefit from professional guidance from a licensed Redding therapist. Residents in Redding, Eureka, Fairfield, Woodland, and Monterey to request an appointment to work with a NAMHS therapist in person.