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Therapy gives people the tools to manage crises, adjust to change, and thrive. Over the last few decades, the public stigma around therapy prevented thousands of people from receiving care that could change their lives.

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Everyone could benefit from receiving quality therapy to help negotiate the daily struggles and joys of being human.

Now, with more people embracing therapy and celebrities sharing how it changed their lives, there is an increased awareness of how therapy can enhance the quality of everyday life.

What is the public stigma around therapy?

When people refer to the stigma of mental illness and therapy, they are referring to a widespread, negative perception of therapy and people who need therapy. When people internalize these associations with therapy, they are less likely to receive care.

Across the United States, people with negative beliefs towards therapy might think, “therapy is a sign of weakness” or “I am not ‘crazy,’ so why do I need therapy?” The reality is that everyone could benefit from receiving quality therapy that helps them negotiate the daily struggles and joys of being human.

Besides being frustrating for people in need of mental health support, the public stigma around therapy also prevents friends and family from understanding the complexity of mental health.

Celebrities Breaking Stigmas: Selena Gomez, A Case Study

Each year, celebrities share their mental health journey and discuss how therapy changed their lives. This year, Selena Gomez told Vogue about how therapy changed her life. Said how she wished “more people would talk about therapy.”

In particular, Gomez spoke of how dialectical behavioral therapy, or DBT, helps her find balance, support, and insight. DBT is one of three types of therapy that can help people with depression and anxiety.

Most therapy treatments can be done through in-office or online therapy appointments.

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Therapists at North American Mental Health Services offer tangible ways to embrace anxiety and work with it so you can continue living a balanced life.

NAMHS has in-person therapists in Redding, Eureka, Fairfield, Woodland, and Monterey and online therapy care available via HomePsych.

If you or a loved one need help to manage life’s challenges, contact NAMHS.

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