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Is Online Therapy Right for Me?

Is Online Therapy Right for Me?

Is Online Therapy Right For You
Online therapy gives people the tools they need to feel seen and valued.

Online therapy offers most of the benefits of in-person therapy. As of 2022, many people prefer doing therapy online to regular, face-to-face therapy. Before making a decision, you can read about the benefits of therapy to decide if online is right for you.

Does tele-therapy have the same benefits as regular therapy?

Online therapy gives people the tools they need to feel seen, valued, and equipped to handle life’s curveballs. In surveys since 2020, many people reported that doing therapy online helped them cope with the numerous stresses of COVID-19, income changes, police brutality, and a broader sense of uncertainty. Tele-therapy made it possible for therapists to continue seeing clients during the initial stages of the pandemic, and it also increased the accessibility for new patients who could access therapy.

Besides physically being in the same room as your therapist, online therapy offers the same benefits as regular therapy. Plus, for the upcoming years, studies also suggest that online therapy is here to stay. This means that it is likely to become even more accessible with time.

What do I need to access therapy online?

Most virtual therapy appointments require a computer–or a phone–and a stable internet connection. One thing to consider is whether you like video appointments or phone calls. Be sure to ask your potential therapist about these options,  in case they have a preference.

Whether calling your therapist from your home or talking with them over the phone while sitting outside, there are ways to tailor your experience so you can enjoy the experience and get the help you need.

How do I learn more about options for online therapy near me?

Because you don’t need to commute to these appointments, you can find an online therapist around the world, so long as they work with your insurance policy or budget. Each provider has a different enrollment process that range from simple to complicated.

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