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Achieve Your Mental Health Goals

3 Steps To Achieve Your Mental Health Goals

Making and achieving mental health goals is possible. It helps when the goals are specific and realistic.

Mental health refers to emotional, psychological, and communal well-being. With this definition, a mental health goal could be, “I want to be more present with my time” or “I want to recognize when I am anxious and take care of my needs better.”

We hope these tips from our NAMHS therapists help you reach your mental health goals. For professional advice, we recommend you find an online licensed mental health professional who can bring hope and healing into your life.

1. Ground yourself with facts about mental health

Steps To Achieve Your Mental Health Goals
A step to mental health is choosing activities that make you feel content, calm, safe, or happy.

Once you have your goal, or as you make your goals, conduct a little research on mental health. This research may help you contextualize your mental health situation so you feel less alone and more inspired.

For example, if you are navigating mental illness, know that 1 in 5 people in the United States experience mental illness, according to the CDC. Hopefully, this reminds you that you are not alone and that there may be insight available from other people who also experience struggles similar to yours. Many people express feeling empowered the more they learn the facts.

2. Create specific and small “action items”

It may be tempting to make a goal such as, “be happier.” But this goal is vague and lacks a clear action. Without a clear step, there may be little progress toward this goal. The idea of being happier is fine, but it lacks a plan.

If this is your goal, make it more specific. You can begin by making a list of five activities that make you feel content, calm, safe, or happy. Once you make this list, stick it on your fridge or desk–somewhere you can see it every day. Add a sticker or check mark each time you do one of the activities. When the paper is filled with stickers, it’s time to make a new list. You can repeat the activities or find a new hobby waiting for your discovery.

The psychology of reaching goals is fascinating. Don’t underestimate how a tiny action may accumulate into significant shifts in your life, especially when it comes to mental well-being.

3. Get professional support with talk or online therapy

The human brain is complicated and life is complicated. Finding compassionate, licensed therapists is possible. At HomePsych, we make it easy to understand your options given your location, your medication needs, and your insurance.

You deserve to feel better. Get started today and discuss your mental health goals with a professional who can help you measure and achieve your goals. NAMHS has in-person therapy in Redding, Eureka, Fairfield, Woodland, and Monterey and online therapy care available via HomePsych.