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Therapists vs. Counselors: What is the Difference?

Therapists vs. Counselors: What is the Difference? 

Therapists and counselors (as well as online therapist and online counselors!) help people prioritize their mental health so they can lead fulfilling and balanced lives. People need support at different stages of life. Depending on the circumstances, therapists and counselors can offer professional guidance that helps change the way people approach challenges and uncertainty.

As you explore your options for mental healthcare, make sure you understand the similarities and differences between therapists and counselors.

Therapists and Counselors Often Prioritize Talk Therapy

Therapists And Counselors - Options For Mental Healthcare
Therapists and counselors both often prioritize talk therapy as part of a mental health treatment plan.

From general mental health guidance to specialized support for mental illness, therapists and counselors may offer talk therapy as part of a treatment plan. People throughout the United States depend on talk therapy to achieve mental health goals.

To make your mental health a priority with clear direction, scheduling regular meetings with a professional can be a great first step. Since the pandemic, online talk therapy has helped more people access therapy at their convenience. Besides physically being in the same room as your therapist, online therapy also offers the same benefits as regular talk therapy.

Training and Licensing Differ for Therapists and Counselors

The details are confusing but here is the main point: training and licensing are different for therapists and counselors. Certifications and licenses vary per state. Research your state’s requirements; or if seeking online therapy, check the various state requirements of your potential therapist or counselor.

During an initial meeting, you can also ask therapists or counselors what their licensing and training entailed. As far as education requirements, counselors and therapists both hold master’s degrees. Keep in mind that vague titles like “life coach” are different and operate in an unregulated field.

Among licensed professionals, not all therapists will meet your needs, the same way that not all bosses or coworkers meet your needs. Keep looking until you find a match that feels right for you.

Take a Mental Health Step

Start feeling better today by working with a NAMHS therapist or online therapy via HomePsych. NAMHS has in person therapists and counselors in Redding, Eureka, Fairfield, Woodland, and Monterey. Remember that teletherapy is an option that many people use as part of their mental healthcare.