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Making Big Life Changes With Therapy

A Therapist Reflects On Making Big Life Changes

Simeon Jones, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with North American Mental Health Services, offers his latest thoughts in this article about gravity as it relates to life lessons.

“Something is comforting and intriguing about learning what keeps this universe together and what tears it apart,” Jones reflects.

At work, Jones specializes in working with adults experiencing anxiety, depression, and relationship difficulties. When not working, he enjoys watching the Science Channel and making connections between science and life phenomena. Gravity is one of the scientific topics that intrigues Jones.

What Gravity Can Teach Us about Life

Throughout history, scientists have focused their curiosity on what forces govern matter and energy. Gravity interests Jones because of its related theories, such as how objects with more mass attract objects with less mass: the sun attracts the Earth and the other planets in our solar system, and the Earth attracts the moon.

“It takes immense energy to escape gravitational pull. This is called escape velocity,” Jones says.

Forces in life can have similar dynamics. The “mass” that is created in our lives, can create a type of gravitational pull that keeps us where we are.

“I moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to southern California for graduate school,” Jones shares. “I never thought that I would stay there for more than two years or so to get my degree.”

But after successful and meaningful therapy internships, he began to feel the various pulls to stay. “Promotions and added responsibility made it easy for me to go with the flow, and stay put. And then I met the love of my life. We got married and had two kids.”

Life’s gravity began making it harder for Jones to make changes. He also began recognizing a fear of failure and a lack of security that made it hard to reach escape velocity.

Finding Escape Velocity and Making Changes Happen

Making Big Life Changes With Therapy
When trying to create changes, ask yourself where you are putting you energy, and is it towards something that does or does not help your goals.

Jones wanted to leave his comfort zone and begin a private coaching business, but it seemed daunting. “The economy was in bad shape and the security of my current position made taking a chance hard to imagine.”

Here are three conclusions he made about reaching “escape velocity.”

The energy needed to break free from the gravity of your situation is immense. Be wise with how you direct that energy. For Jones, he found guidance by making lists, scheduling quiet time with a higher power, and making time with his wife and counselors. Consider asking yourself where you are putting energy toward something that does or does not help your goals.

Remember that it is a process. Change can be slow. Ask yourself questions like, “what about my current situation is serving the change I want to see? Who can support me?”

Trust in the process. The struggle you are experiencing can be the very thing that will make you valuable.

These three tips can help anyone who wants to make a change but does not know where to begin.

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Simeon Jones
Simeon Jones is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who specializes in working with adults experiencing anxiety, depression and relationship difficulties. Jones works with patients in NAMHS' Redding office and online.